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Villa Pacini, nestled within the captivating Baroque city of Catania, stands as one of the oldest and most enchanting gardens in Sicily. Steeped in history, this charming public park traces its roots back to the early years of Italy's unification in the 19th century. With its romantic ambiance, meandering pathways, and vibrant display of Mediterranean flora, the garden exudes a captivating allure. Abundant trees create an atmosphere of serenity and comfort, inviting visitors to enjoy leisurely strolls and moments of tranquility amidst nature's embrace. Moreover, the garden offers an awe-inspiring panorama of Mount Etna, Europe's highest active volcano. In honor of Giovanni Pacini, a beloved Catanian musician, and composer who passed away just a decade prior, the garden bears his name. A dedicated area for children's play adds an element of delight, ensuring that the garden provides a peaceful respite for visitors of all ages.



All buses in Malta conveniently stop at Valletta. A short stroll from the bus terminus lies the Upper Barrakka Gardens, offering breathtaking views of the only natural harbour in the Mediterranean Sea. Adjacent to the gardens is the historic Auberge de Castille, serving as the official seat of the Prime Minister since 1972. Below the main terrace, the renowned Saluting Battery captivates visitors with its ceremonial cannon firings at noon and 4 pm, reminiscent of ancient naval traditions. For swift access to the city from Valletta Waterfront, the Upper Barrakka Lift stands as a notable attraction, elevating passengers 58 meters high in just 25 seconds. Visitors arriving by car can avail themselves of a convenient paid car park near the entrance of Valletta.

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